Kevin Rose

Specialties: American Religions, U.S. Environmental Movement, History of Capitalism 

Refereed Articles

  • “Lotuses in Muddy Water: Fracked Gas and the Hare Krishnas at New Vrindaban, West Virginia,” in American Quarterly 72:3 (2020)
  • “‘The world food crisis is not a fad’: The More-with-Less Cookbook and Protestant Environmental Spirituality,” in Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation 29:2 (2019)

Selected Awards

Christina Proenza-Coles

Christina Proenza-Coles examines questions surrounding race and ethnicity with an interdisciplinary, comparative, transnational, and transhistorical framework. She has taught courses whose topics range from the historical, with particular focus on the colonial Atlantic world, to the contemporary, including the sociology of culture and immigration. Her work endeavors to shed light on current dynamics of race and ethnicity in the United States within a larger world-historical context. She holds a joint doctorate in Historical Studies and Sociology from the New School as well as an M.A.

Ian Grandison


  • "Architecture's Other: Radicalizing the Vernacular," Appendx 4 (1999): 98-119.
  • "Challenging Formalism: The Implications of Contemporary Cultural Theory for Historic Preservation," Landscape Journal 18.1 (1999): 30-40.
  • "Beyond the Buildings: Landscape as Cultural History in Constructing the Historical Significance of Place," Proceedings of Preservation of What, for Whom: A Critical Look at Historical Significance, ed. Michael A. Tomlan, National Council for Preservation Education (1999): 159-168.
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