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Minor in Southern Studies


Students are required to complete a minimum of six courses (18 credits) for the Southern Studies minor. Students must complete two required courses and four electives. Students must follow College rules on double counting any minor courses with their majors. No more than one course taken outside of UVA (study abroad or transfer credits) can be counted towards the minor.

Core Courses

Students must take two (2) courses in Southern Studies:

  • AAS 3231/ HIUS 3231 Rise and Fall of the Slave South
  • AMST 2753/ARTH 2753 Arts and Cultures of the Slave South
  • AMST 3880/ENGL 3710 Literature of the South
  • HIUS 3232 The South in the 20th Century
  • HIUS 3651 Afro-American History to 1865
  • HIUS 3652 Afro-American History Since 1865
  • HIUS 3671 History of the Civil Rights Movement

Elective Courses

The remaining four courses for the minor may be taken from the lists above, or from a list of electives adjusted each semester based upon availability. Browse the eligible courses below (listed by department):

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American Studies

AMST 4430 Documentary Film and the South

AMST 1050 Slavery and Its Legacies

AMST 1060 Slavery and Its Legacies

AMST 2220 Race Identity in America

AMST 2300 Intro to U.S. Latino Studies

AMST 2420 Cultural Landscapes of the U.S.

AMST 2460 Language in the U.S.

AMST 3221 Hands-On Public History

AMST 3280 Intro to Native American Studies

AMST 3354 Race and Media

AMST 3355 Border Media

AMST 3407 Racial Borders and American Cinema

AMST 3465 America and the Global South

AMST 4403 Transamerican Encounters

AMST 4500 Seminar in American Studies

AMST 4500 Documentary Film and the Civil Rights Movement

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African-American & African Studies

AAS 1010 Intro to African-American Studies I

AAS 1020 Intro to African American Studies II

AAS 2700 Festivals of the Americas

AAS 3200 Martin, Malcolm and America

AAS 3456 The Supreme Court and the Civil Rights Movement

AAS 4109 Civil Rights Movement and the Media

AAS 4500 Advanced Seminar in African-American & African Studies (Select Course Topics)

AAS 4500 Racial Geographies

AAS 4501 Advanced Research Seminar in African American and African Studies (Select Course Topics)

AAS 4501 Africa and the Atlantic

AAS 4501 Black Power

AAS 4845 Black Speculative Fiction

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ANTH 2250 Nationalism, Racism, Multiculturalism

ANTH 2590 Social & Cultural Anthropology (Select Course Topics)

ANTH 2590 Racially Conscious Societies

ANTH 3154 Indians of the American Southwest

ANTH 3175 Native American Art: The Astor Collection

ANTH 3450 Native American Languages

ANTH 3830 North American Archaeology

ANTH 3870 Archaeology of Virginia

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ARH 3701 Early American Architecture

ARH 3703 Nineteenth-Century American Architecture

ARH 3704 Twentieth-Century American Architecture

ARH 4500 Special Topics in Architectural History

ARH 4500 UVa History: Race and Repair

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ARTH 2471 Art Since 1945

ARTH 2745 African American Art

ARTH 2752 American Art Since Reconstruction

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DRAM 3070 African American Theatre

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ENGL 2572 Black Writers in America

ENGL 3440 African American Literature I

ENWR 3500 Black Women's Writing and Rhetoric

ENGL 3672 Modern Drama II

ENGL 3701 American Literature Since 1865

ENGL 3722 African American Literature II

ENGL 3730 American Literature of the 20th Century

ENGL 3762 Major African American Poets

ENGL 3780- Faulkner

ENGL 4580 Advanced Studies in Literary Criticism (Select Course Topics)

ENGL 4580 Race in American Places

ENGL 4710 Fictions of Black Identity

ENGL 5700 Contemporary African American Literature

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HIAF 4501 Seminar in African History (Select Course Topics)

HIAF 4501 Slave Society in Atlantic World

HILA 2001 Colonial Latin America, 1500-1824

HILA 2002 Modern Latin America, 1824-Present

HILA 3051 Modern Central America

HILA 3061 History of Modern Brazil

HILA 3111 Public Life in Modern Latin America

HILA 4501 Seminar in Latin American History (All Course Topics)

HILA 4511 Colloquium in Latin American History (All Course Topics)

HIUS 3071 The Coming of the Civil War

HIUS 3072 The Civil War and Reconstruction

HIUS 3654 Black Fire

HIUS 3490 From Motown to Hip-Hop

HIUS 2053 American Slavery

HIUS 2559 African-American Women’s History

HIUS 2001 American History to 1865

HIUS 2002 American History Since 1865

HIUS 2071 American Power and Energies - A History of the United States

HIUS 3011 The Colonial Period of American History

HIUS 3031 The Era of the American Revolution

HIUS 3051 The Age of Jefferson and Jackson, 1789-1845

HIUS 3131 The Emergence of Modern America, 1870-1930

HIUS 3161 Viewing America, 1940 to the Present

HIUS 3162 Digitizing America

HIUS 3281 History of Virginia to 1900

HIUS 3282 Virginia History, 1900-2018

HIUS 3471 History of American Labor

HIUS 3491 Rural Poverty in Our Time

HIUS 3611 Gender and Sexuality in America to 1865

HIUS 3612 Gender and Sexuality in America Since 1865

HIUS 3641 American Indian History

HIUS 3753 History of Modern American Law

HIUS 3851 Intellectual & Cultural History of the United States to 1865

HIUS 3852 Intellectual & Cultural History of the United States Since 1865

HIUS 4501 Seminar in United States History (Select Course Topics)

HIUS 4501 Black Power

HIUS 4501 The Civil War and the Constitution

HIUS 4501 The Coming of the Civil War

HIUS 4501 Gender History of the Civil War Era

HIUS 4501 Tocqueville's Democracy in America

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LNGS 2220 Black English

LNGS 2240 Southern American English

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Media Studies

Some courses are restricted to MDST majors; check SIS

MDST 3402 War and the Media

MDST 3502 Special Topics in Film Genre (Select Course Topics)

MDST 3502 Shooting the Western

MDST 3559 New Course: MDST

MDST 3559 The Wire

MDST 4200 Sex and Gender Go To The Movies

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MUSI 2070 Popular Musics

MUSI 2080 American Music

MUSI 2120 History of Jazz Music

MUSI 3120 Jazz Studies

MUSI 4512 Studies in Jazz Literature

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Urban & Environmental Planning

PLAN 3310 History of Cities and Planning

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PLAP 2250 American Political Tradition

PLAP 3700 Racial Politics

PLAP 3820 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

PLAP 4360 Campaigns and Elections

PLAP 4500 Special Topics in American Politics (Select Course Topics)

PLAP 4500 U.S. Immigration Politics

PLAP 4500 Virginia Elections and Politics

PLAP 4601 Democracy in America

PLAP 4841 Seminar: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

PLPT 3200 African American Political Thought

PLPT 4030 Democratic Theory

PLPT 4070 Liberalism and its Critics

PLPT 4305 American Political Thought

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Religious Studies

RELA 2850 Afro-Creole Religion in the Americas

RELA 3351 African Diaspora Religions

RELC 2401 History of American Catholicism

RELC 2850 Kingdom of God in America

RELC 3559 New Course: RELC

RELC 3559 African Americans and the Bible

RELC 3804 American Catholic Social Thought

RELC 4044 Religion and the American Courts

RELC 5230 Pentecostalism

RELG 2150 Religion in America to 1865

RELG 2155 Whiteness and Religion

RELG 2160 Religion in America Since 1865

RELG 2370 Religion After Jefferson

RELG 3200 Martin, Malcolm, and America

RELG 3360 Conquests and Religions

RELG 3780 Faulkner and the Bible

RELG 3800 African American Religious History

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Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

SPAN 3420 Survey of Latin American Literature I (Colonial to 1900)

SPAN 3430 Survey of Latin American Literature II (1900 to Present)

SPAN 4310 Latin American Women Writers from 1900 to the Present

SPAN 4311 Latin American Literature After 1900

SPAN 4320 Contemporary Latin-American Short Fiction

SPAN 4321 Contemporary Latin-American Novel

SPAN 4500 Special Topics Seminar: Literature (Select Course Topics)

SPAN 4500 Dictatorship in Latin American Literature

SPAN 4500 Interpreting Colonial Latin America

SPAN 4520 Special Topics Seminar: Culture and Civilization (Select Course Topics)

SPAN 4520 Hispano-Phillippine Studies

SPAN 4710 Latin American Culture and Civilization

SPAN 4712 Travelers in Latin America

SPAN 4715 Cuban Cinema

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Women, Gender & Sexuality

WGS 2224 Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media

WGS 2895 Front Lines of Social Change: Through the Lens of Gender, Race and Class

WGS 2897 Gender Violence and Social Justice

WGS 3200 Women, Gender, and Sports

WGS 3559 New Courses in Women, Gender and Sexuality (Select Course Topics)

WGS 3559 Geographies of Desire

WGS 3559 Intersectionality and Women

WGS 3559 Multiculturalism and Social Justice

WGS 3611 Gender and Sexuality in U.S to 1865

WGS 3612 Gender and Sexuality in U.S Since 1865

WGS 4200 Sex and Gender Go to the Movies

Minor Declaration Form

Generally, we prefer that you consult with the current Southern Studies director before you declare, to discuss your course history and course registration plans. To officially declare the Southern Studies minor with the Registrar, please use the general Minor Declaration Form, and follow the instructions included on this document

Contact Information

Grace Hale
Commonwealth Professor of American Studies and History
Director, Southern Studies Minor

283 Nau Hall
(434) 924-6413 |