Rebecca Hill

I am interested in public expressions of art at junctures of intellectual or cosmological conflict, particularly in poetics and manuscript book art. My research has encompassed the appropriation of indigenous religion in the lyrical American novel to the incorporation of scientific metaphor from Arabic texts into early Middle English spiritual verse. In addition to writing about multicultural perspectives on animal figures in Islamic books, I am currently translating women's Sufi poetry from Arabic into modern English in order to broaden appreciation for womens' contribution to Arabic literary forms as well as theological conversations in the Islamic world, 700-1500. 

I have also worked to close the achievement gap in college access and affordability for marginalized and low-income populations in a variety of non-profit settings, and I continue to address this issue in professional and volunteer settings in Central Virginia.


  • UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Yale Beinecke Fellowship
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PhD English, UCLA MA English, California University, Dominguez Hills BA English, Psychology, NYU
Lecturer in American Studies | Office Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:00 - 9:15 AM | WIlson 119