NOTE: American Studies is changing the requirements for its major effective August, 2020. Students and faculty can view the new requirements here. Students who declared the major prior to August, 2020 can choose whether to complete the major in the new structure or via the previous concentration-based structure, explained below.

How do I become an American Studies major?

To declare an American Studies major, students must have completed at least one university-level (i.e. UVA or college transfer) course in American history or culture, broadly defined (including literature, music, religion, art, anthropology, etc.), with a grade of C or better. AP and IB courses do not satisfy this prerequisite.  Students are encouraged to declare the major in their 2nd or 3rd year of study.

Students interested in declaring the AMST major should:

1. Pick up a Major Declaration Form from Monroe Hall 101.

2. Contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs (Jack Hamilton) or the Director of American Studies (Jennifer Greeson), who will assign an appropriate faculty adviser.  

3. Set up an appointment with the faculty advisor, who will work with the student to complete the declaration form.

4. Submit the form before the fall or spring deadlines, which are listed in the Academic Calendar. (Declaration forms will be processed only in the Fall and Spring semesters.)



Requirements for the major


Current Courses

Distinguished majors program (DMP)

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