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What We Do

We practice American Studies at UVA as a definitively interdisciplinary pursuit, producing scholarship that is markedly self-reflexive, and producing scholars who are unusually aware of their own positions and assumptions

Julian Bond
Why We Do It

Our vision for the future is an embrace of the productive tensions of the differing traditions of American Studies with a collective commitment to continuing awareness of both intersectionality and institutional history

How we do it

We contribute to the mission of the University of Virginia by equipping students to be engaged citizens, and by generating new knowledge and understanding of the nation and world that they inherit

Carmen Lamas
Who We Are

Representing an interdisciplinary and capacious field of study, the Department of American Studies is a foundational pillar, key to the University's goals of recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse faculty of rising leaders in their field who are committed to outstanding research and teaching

What we are

American Studies at University of Virginia is the center of comparative indigeneity, ethnic, and race studies vital for UVA’s commitment to Race, Justice, and Equality