Distinguished Majors Program

The Distinguished Majors Program provides a selected group of students the opportunity to complete original and significant research on a specific area of interest.  In close consultation with a faculty advisor, DMP students work during their fourth year to craft a critical argument, researching and writing on topics that engage in the contemporary study of American Culture.  DMP students demonstrate intellectual rigor and a strong work ethic.  The end result is a substantive piece of scholarship, a thesis of approximately fifty pages in length.

Current third-year students with at least a 3.4 GPA in the College of Arts and Sciences and a 3.6 GPA in the major are eligible to pursue Distinction. DMP students complete an independent study in the fall of their fourth year with a faculty advisor. In the spring of their fourth year they must enroll in AMST 4999, the Distinguished Majors Thesis Seminar (if offered), with the DMP Director.

To apply, submit: 1) the application form; 2) a current transcript; and 3) a maximum one-page, double-spaced proposal of your intended thesis topic.

Email the application materials as a PDF document to:

David Coyoca, DMP Director