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Graduate Certificate

The American Studies Department is pleased to offer a Graduate Certificate in American Studies. The certificate program is open to doctoral and master’s students in any department of the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at UVA, as well as graduate students in select programs in other UVA schools. The certificate is designed to serve as an additional credential for students already enrolled in UVA graduate programs, to advance formation in interdisciplinary methods and, for doctoral students, to expand opportunities on the academic job market.

Once in the program, students will be given an American Studies faculty advisor. To complete the certificate, students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits of graded coursework on American Studies topics, including AMST 8001, the Seminar in American Studies, with a grade of B- or better. At least 3 (and up to 9) of the remaining 9 credits must come from outside the department or program in which the student is enrolled. Teaching for the Department of American Studies, as a teaching assistant or as an instructor, will also count as coursework, conferring 3 credits toward the certificate.

Coursework applied toward the certificate is subject to approval by the student’s faculty advisor in American Studies and/or the Director of the AMST Graduate Certificate. It is expected that the American Studies faculty advisor will serve on the student’s thesis or dissertation committee.

To apply, interested students should contact 

Ruby C. Tapia, Associate Chair and Director of the AMST Graduate Certificate