Minors within the American Studies Program include Asian-Pacific American Studies and Latinx Studies. A minor in Indigenous Studies is in development and coming soon.

Minor in Asian-Pacific American Studies

Minor in Latinx Studies

The Latinx Studies minor is composed of 18 credits (6 courses) drawn from an evolving list of classes in multiple departments.

Here are the steps for declaring.

1. Please consult the Latinx section of the AMST website to learn more about the minor and its requirements before you meet with a faculty advisor.

2. Print three copies of this declaration form and then go see one of the following faculty advisors:

  • Camilla Fojas: MW 12-1 and F 9-10 (120 Wilson Hall)
  • Carmen Lamas: T 11-2 and 3-4 (138 Bryan Hall)

3. After you have completed the form with an advisor, please take one copy to Aida Barnes in Wilson 127.

4. Take the second copy to Monroe Hall. This is how you will get into SIS as a Latinx minor.

5. Keep the third copy for yourself as a record for your course planning.